Acomalith Conflict

This game is a puzzle platformer where you have to overcome obstacles to reach and defeat the evil Dr. Acomalith. Your tools are a platform that you manifest under your feet and a sphere that can be thrown and teleported to.

Acomalith Conflict was created for the course Computergraphik UE 2017 at TU Wien. In groups of two we had to create a game with a graphics and physics library of our choice from scratch. Additionally, specified effects had to be implemented. The course also featured a competition, which we were able to win. At the end of the term the course administration chooses the best game.

With this project I learned a lot about architecture of game engines, OpenGL and computer graphics. It was really fun trying to create levels that are challenging and also require the player to use all gameplay mechanics.

My responsibilities on this project were the architecture of the application, integration of the Bullet Physics SDK, SSAO, gameplay programming and game design.

You can download the game with this link